An unconditional fan of Apple, an Australian teenager, tried everything to get the firm’s attention: everything like hacking into his favorite company to get a job. But not everything went as planned.

Resumes and cover letters did very little for him in the years leading to his hack! The Australian teenager, an unconditional fan of the Apple brand, tried everything to get a job in the company of his dreams: he infiltrated the American giant’s system twice, in 2015 and 2017.

To his defense, there was a precedent since, in the past, a European man had been recruited by Apple using the same method. He will not have had this opportunity since, in his case, the case was brought to court.

“Our teams discovered unauthorized access, controlled it and reported the incident to the authorities,” said the web giant in a recent statement. The FBI then rushed to visit the young man. “At Apple, we carefully protect our networks and have dedicated teams of IT security professionals working to detect and respond to threats.

At Apple, they do not laugh about security

“We consider the security of our users’ data to be one of our greatest responsibilities, and we assure our customers that their data has not been compromised in any way during this incident,” Apple reassures.

“He was unaware of the seriousness of his actions and hoped that, when it was discovered, he could get a job with the company,” says his lawyer Mark Twiggs. The young man admitted his wrongs in court and got away with it with a warning. He will have to stay on checkers for nine months or pay a fine of 500 Australian dollars (309 euros) in case of misconduct.