Apple has announced the new versions of their operating system, from Mac to iPhone. Are you still enjoying your iOS 11? Get your Apple device updated! There are some exciting features that you should get on.

Siri shortcuts

Siri is now allowed to access applications to get the work done. This quite an improvement to be able to integrate Siri in your favorite apps!


The camera gives us the motivation to capture more memories because of its high resolution camera. It is usual for an Apple user to have thousands of pictures in their gallery. But, do not worry! There’s a search mechanism that can easily lead you to the photo you’ve been looking for.

Group FaceTime

Well, now you do not need Skype to have a group video call. It can simultaneously hold a video call for 32 people! It can be accessed through Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

These features are just some of the updates in the new iOS 12. It will be a surprise as it is a major update to patch up with the lapses done with iOS 11.