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Whether you have an iMac, MacBook, Mac mini or Mac Pro, the computer runs slowly after being used for some time. It must take longer to do almost everything. Why is my Mac starting to work slowly?
And how can I speed up a Mac?

Here are some answers for you.

Reason 1: Your hard disk is almost full

The first and most direct reason for the Mac working slowly is that its hard disk is full. Therefore, the first step you should take is to clean your Mac.

Solution 1: Clean the Mac's hard drive

To clean a Mac's hard drive, we generally need to locate and delete unnecessary files and programs, recognize useless systems that can be removed safely. It can mean a lot of work and a great chance to delete unnecessary files by mistake. A Mac cleaning program, like MacMaster, can make the chores easier for you.

This program is designed to clean up unnecessary files and uninstall apps on Macs. It can easily find unnecessary files (temporary files, including logs, email caches, etc.), large files (video, music, documents, etc. that are larger than 10 MB), duplicate files, applications, and then allow you to select and delete unwanted files without having to search for old files from different folders on the Mac.

Solution 2: Reinstall OS X on your Mac

Reinstalling OS X this way can't delete your files but gives your Mac a fresh start.

Step 1. Click on the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen and choose "Restart" to restart the Mac.

Step 2. Press and hold down the Command (⌘) and R keys at the same time until the Apple logo is displayed.

Step 3. Choose "Reinstall OS X." French tutorial found here!

Reason 2: Too many startup programs.

If your Mac becomes particularly slow when it starts, it's probably because there are too many programs that start automatically when you connect. Therefore, reducing startup programs can make a big difference.

Solution: Arrange startup programs.

Please follow these steps to remove unnecessary programs from the Start menu.

Step 1. On your Mac, go to "System preference" > "Users and groups."

Step 2. Click on your username and choose "Login Options;"

Step 3. Check the boot options you do not need and click on the minus icon.

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Reason 3: Too many programs in the background

It is a burden for Mac if many programs are running simultaneously in the reverse plan. So you could disable unnecessary programs to speed up your Mac.

Solution: End the process on the activity monitor

Use the Activity Monitor to identify background programs that occupy a lot of memory space, then complete the process to free up space.

Step 1. Find "Activity Monitor" on "Finder" > "Applications" > "Utilities".

Step 2. You can find the list of programs that currently work on your Mac. Choose "Memory" in the top column, the programs will be classified by the quality of occupancy space.

Step 3. Select the programs you do not need and click on the "X" icon to force the programs to exit.


Reason 4: The parameters must be optimized

You can optimize several settings to improve your Mac's performance, including reducing transparency and animations, disabling FileVault disk encryption, and more.

Solution 1: Reduce transparency & animations

Step 1. Open "System Preference" > "Accessibility" > "Display" and check the option "Reduce transparency".

Step 2. Choose "Dock," then instead of clicking on "Genie effect," select "Scale effect," which will improve the animation speed of the minimize window.

Solution 2: Use Safari browser instead of Google Chrome

If your Mac is running in slow motion when you open several tabs in Chrome at once, you would like to switch to Safari. We know that Google Chrome does not work very well on Mac OS X. If you insist on Chrome, try to reduce the use of extensions and avoid opening too many tabs simultaneously.

Clean my Mac X is one of the best cleaning tool on the market if you are looking to speed up the process!


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