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Apple's change in strategy underscores the company's renewed focus on services. Apple has long appreciated its ability to create high-end experiences that allow loyal users to be invested in the brand's ecosystem.

iTunes was one of the first major successes in this field for a company initially focused on hardware. People buying music from Apple were less likely to get lost in the competition.

iTunes is almost dead, but it will be reborn from the ashes with Apple Music. After 18 years of loyal service, Apple is terminating its app, but what will happen to all your music now?

What about backing up my device, restoring, and synchronizing settings?

iTunes is the application you think about for backups and synchronizations, and these capabilities will exist with Catalina, but not in the Apple Music application. You can find them by opening the Finder tool on Mac. It is the one with the square and stylized icon of a smiling face that serves as the operating system file manager. Open it, and you will see the device appear in the Finder menu, for example: "Lisa's iPhone."

Does my iTunes collection disappear?

Every song you have purchased, downloaded or imported will already be part of Apple Music when you switch from your current Mac OS version to Catalina. All files that are already on your computer will be kept. Apple doesn't remove anything you already have, but it will reorganize the location of the files.

I'm confused. How is Apple Music different from iTunes?

iTunes is a free application to manage your music library, music video playback, music purchases, and device synchronization. Apple Music is an advertising-free continuous music subscription service that costs $10 per month, $15 per month for six family members or $ 5 per month for students.

What about iTunes Match?

It is a feature that gives you access to a song you bought through another service, such as Amazon. Apple Music already has this feature, so you won't be disappointed if you subscribe.

What about iTunes movies?

All movies you have purchased via iTunes will be transferred to the Apple TV for Mac application. The Apple TV application is now the place where TV shows, movies, music videos including HBO and Showtime will be broadcast on Mac. It supports 4K HDR playback with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision graphics and Dolby Atmos audio playback.

Will the iTunes Store disappear?

The iTunes name will disappear, but Apple will keep the store and its features in the Apple Music application. But if you subscribe to Apple Music, it won't serve you very well.


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