Technology is changing the two-wheeled experience. These connected gadgets enhance motorcycle safety, comfort, and convenience for the modern rider.

Stay Visible: Cosmo Connected Moto Brake Light

The Cosmo Moto smart brake light alerts drivers when you’re slowing down. Its 24 LEDs brightly signal braking, position, and distress modes.

Use the app to configure settings so you can focus on the road. The crash detection feature alerts emergency contacts if you go down. With 8 hours battery life, the Cosmo Moto makes riders more visible.

Mount Any Phone: Grefay Universal Motorcycle Phone Holder

Mount your iPhone or Android device securely with Grefay’s adjustable phone holder. Its one-way bearing gear and safety lock prevent phones from slipping out even on bumpy roads.

The universal design fits any smartphone from 3.5″ to 6.5″ diagonally. You can position your phone in landscape or portrait orientation and tilt up to 15 degrees. Installation takes seconds with no tools required.

Toasty Hand Protection: G-Heat Rider Heated Gloves

Cold hands won’t be a problem with G-Heat’s Rider gloves. Integrated batteries power heating elements to keep hands and fingers warm down to -4°F.

Control temperature settings right on the glove. With 6 hours runtime per charge, your hands stay toasty without bulky external batteries. The Rider gloves are windproof, water resistant, and touchscreen compatible – perfect for winter riding.

Chat On the Road: Cardo Freecom 4+ Motorcycle Communication System

Stay in touch with fellow riders up to 1.2km away using Cardo’s Freecom 4+ communicator. The streamlined design clips onto any helmet for quick installation.

Optimized JBL audio ensures clear conversations even at highway speeds. With 13 hours battery life, the Freecom 4+ lets you chat, listen to music, and take calls on the go.

Invisible Backup Protection: Bering Connected Airbag Vest

Bering’s E-Protect Air vest concealed auto-inflating airbag springs into action within 0.05 seconds if you go down. It doesn’t need wired connection to your bike – the vest’s battery lasts over a year per charge.

The associated app lets you monitor status and call emergency services if deployed. For serious protection that’s “always on” without maintenance, Bering’s airbag vest provides peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

  • Smart brake lights like the Cosmo Moto improve rear visibility for other drivers.
  • Phone mounts such as the Grefay keep devices secure while enabling navigation.
  • Heated gloves like G-Heat’s Rider provide windproof warmth down to freezing temps.
  • Communications systems including Cardo’s Freecom 4+ allow group riding conversations.
  • Connected airbag vests such as Bering’s protect without needing bike integration.

With the right connected accessories, riders can add safety, convenience, and comfort to every trip.