The Apple Airpods Max is the newest member of the AirPods family. With two H1 processors, they offer great sound and an easy to use connection. They are similar to the Beats AirPods Max, but lean more towards bass. However, the Apple AirPods Max provide a much more natural sound. This article will compare the features of each pair. The comparison should help you make an informed decision.

Sound quality

Apple AirPods Max offer good sound quality with pleasing frequency response. The mids and bass are well-defined, but there’s a slight dip in the low treble. This affects vocals and lead instruments, making the sound more muffled and distant than usual. This is caused by the Adaptive EQ that adjusts the sound for the user. It has three presets, allowing users to tweak the sound accordingly.

The upper midrange is subdued. The Airpods Max have an issue with slight bloom at around one thousand hertz, a frequency that can cause problems. The human ear amplifies frequencies above this threshold. Because of this, the target response curve of the Airpods Max elevates above this threshold, which makes the upper mids sound muffled.

Apple Airpods Max presentation

Active noise-cancelling (ANC)

The Apple Airpods Max feature active noise-cancelling (ANC), which blocks out outside noise. It differs from passive noise cancellation, which uses the earcups and seal to absorb noise. Active noise cancellation, on the other hand, works by analyzing ambient noise and producing its own noise. Once this noise is processed, it cancels out the outside noise.

In addition to Active Noise Cancellation, AirPods Max also feature two inward-facing microphones to reduce outside noise. When used in conjunction with Apple’s software, these microphones help mitigate the level of noise and fine-tune audio to ensure that you can hear Siri and other voice assistants clearly.

Low-power mode

You may not realize it, but Apple AirPods Max can go into a low-power mode when they are left plugged into the Smart Case for five minutes or more. This mode can help you save battery life and preserve your battery. To activate low-power mode, simply insert the Smart Case into the AirPods Max and wait until the device is stationary for five minutes.

While many consumers love the Apple AirPods Max’s design and their ultra-low-power mode, others dislike the slip case that comes with them. So, a company called Emergent Technology decided to create a solution to the problem. They used a translucent film that contains nickel particles suspended in oil. These nickel particles change alignment when they are exposed to a magnetic field, and can reveal when a magnetic field is present. Unfortunately, the magnetic sensors on AirPods Max are too weak to detect this film.


A good case for Apple AirPods Max can keep your headphones safe from scratches. You can find many cases in a variety of colors and designs. You can use a smart case with them if you don’t want to buy one. These cases are more durable than the Smart Case that comes with AirPods Max.

A standard carrying case is not suitable for carrying your AirPods Max. The best case for Apple AirPods is a carrying case designed for the device. This case is made of water-resistant woven nylon and has a built-in handle and a zipper. You can also find a case that is designed with a padded interior and a magnetic divider.